Craft Your Big Goals

Your First Step Toward Getting The Right Work Done : A Mini-Course

Sharpen Your Focus — Craft Crystal-Clear Goals

How many times have you set goals that never get finished

How many times have you become bored with the goals you set?

How many times have you had a goal, but had no earthly idea where to start, let alone how to achieve it.

Yeah, me too. And that bullshit is exhausting.

There’s a better way. 

My mini-course, Craft Your Big Goals, will step you through the my exact process for crafting crystal-clear, achievable goals that excite and inspire you.

We’ll start big, on the things which bring you real Passion. Then, we’ll hone those Passions into Big Goals that you’ll be itching to start working on.

You’ll be surprised at how excited and motivated you’ll be to get stuff done.

Seriously. Before I did this work myself, it was like my mind was in a dense fog. I was surrounded by unfinished goals and heaps of tasks I could work on. But everything was so unclear, and I no idea about what I should work on.

The result, I never got anywhere.

Finally, I decided that there had to be a better way. I spent years combing every productivity, goals, and self-growth book I could get my hands on. I watched video after video. And through it all, this method started to grow in my mind.

And not too long after, all that anxiety and confusion was suddenly gone. I’d found my way out of the productivity fog, and things were clear.

No more worry about whether or not I was doing work that really mattered. No more stress about whether or not I was on even the right path. And certainly no more heap of old, unfinished goals and tasks left collecting dust.

This can be you, too.

Join me for this mini-course, and finally begin to answer the question that’s frustrated so many others:

“Of all of the stuff I could possibly do, what is the RIGHT WORK to work on RIGHT NOW that will help me achieve my goals?”

See you inside!


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Although we’re dealing with ideas (like Passion) that might seem like vauge theories, every tip, exercise, and tool in this course is 100% practical and concrete. You’ll finish this course with real, tangible goals that you can use to influence all of your work.

No Bullshit

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Yeah, I said it. No bullshit. There’s too much crap out there that’s too full of fluff. I value your time, so everything in this course is designed to cut the nonsense, focus on what’s important, and help actually move you toward success.


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Too often, we try to learn a method that’s incomplete. Folks say things like “set big goals for yourself”, without ever telling you how it’s done, and then expect you to know exactly what to do. What’s the value in that? I’ll step you through each exercise, explaining why and how as we go.

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall,
every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster
— Stephen Covey

Course Outline

A Brief Outline Of Craft Your Big Goals

1. Uncover Your Passions

In Chapter 1, I’ll help you uncover your Passions: the things you’re deeply invested in. Passions are the soil from which successful goals grow.

• Video lessons
• Guided exercises
• Downloadable PDF worksheet

2. Distill Your Passions

In Chapter 2, we’ll hone those uncovered Passions into clear, concise nuggets I call Draft Goals.

• Video lessons
• Guided exercises
• Instruction in widely-applicable skills
• Free digital tools

3. Craft Your Big Goals

Finally, in Chapter 3, we’ll polish your Draft Goals into crystal-clear, achievable Big Goals that will guide all of your future work.

• Video lessons
• Guided exercises
• Downloadable PDF worksheet

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