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BAGAIL Laundry Bag Mesh Bags

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BAGAIL Laundry Bag Mesh Bags


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Why I love it

  • I use them to keep my socks together in the washer / dryer! I never lose socks any more.
  • Plus, I don’t have to dig socks out of the back of the dryer when it’s done.
  • These are durable! I had old ones that shredded pretty fast. But, these have lasted years.
  • Despite being great quality, they’re not stupid expensive!
  • Plus, this model has a small elastic loop along the left side of the zipper. The loop allows you to tuck the zipper in so that it doesn’t scrape around in the dryer. It’s better for the dryer itself, and it’s much quieter. 

Vendor description

  • Travel Organizer Bag – See through mesh makes it easy for you to find your belongings and keep them from getting lost. This also makes security checks at the airport quick and convenient.
  • Package included: Set of 5 wash bags-Dimension:1 Black Extra Large Bag (24″x 24″), 2 Medium Bags (20″x 16″), 2 Small Bags (15″x 12″)
  • Durable and breathable polyester fibre material, healthy and clean. These Lingerie Bags for Laundry perform perfectly every time protecting your delicates, and keeping them like new. Use in the Dryer too.
  • LAUNDRY BAGS KEEP COLORS SEPARATE & SAFE:the four white bags can be used for the light color clothes and the large black bag can be used for the dark garments
  • Make every Wash Quiet & Safe

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