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google photos


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Why I love it

Here’s a quick list of reasons why I love this tool:

  • It automatically backs up every photo I take on my phone
    • Never worry about losing your photos again! They’re safely in the cloud, so even if that phone takes a dip in the ocean, you’ll still have ’em!
  • If you go with the optimized setting (meaning Google compresses the photos a bit), you get unlimited free storage!
  • Google Photos also will notify you when there are photos on your phone that have already been backed up. It’ll give you an option to Free Up Space, which removes them from your phone!
    • They’re up in the cloud permanently, so there’s really no need to keep them on your device. Free up that space!
    • The only exception here is if you’re constantly battling a bad connection (WiFi and/or data). If that’s the case, don’t remove them.
  • It’s searchable! For all kinds of things actually!
    • People
    • Pets
    • Locations
    • Business cards
  • Shared albums are super easy to create and use. Very useful if you like sharing photos with others.
  • Google Photos comes with some basic, but very handy editing tools

Vendor description

Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share.

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