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Pilot G2 Pens 0.7mm

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pilot g2 pens 0.7mm


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Why I love it

The Pilot G2 pens were my go-to pens for years. They are excellent quality, they last forever, and they write well. You can’t go wrong with these pens!

See my full write-up of these pens, including definitions of all of those terms, in my post The Ultimate List of the Best Everyday Pens of 2019.

Vendor description

  • PEN GAME ON POINT: It doesn’t matter if you’re at school, at work, in the office, or need to write in your Bullet Journal at home, Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Pens are comfortable, flow smoothly & evenly in blue, gold, silver & other metallic colors.
  • PILOT G2 PENS ARE ON THE BALL: You can rely on our G2, proven to be the longest lasting gel ink pen*, with an extra comfortable grip & smooth gliding ink.  The roller ball flows consistently for writing notes, a novel long hand, or for pen & ink drawing.
  • OBSESSED WITH OFFICE SUPPLIES? We are too! Get ready to write the most elegant to do lists, with a Pilot pen & that legal pad! With fashion forward colors from blue & black, to red, pink, green, purple & more, you can color code to your hearts content.
  • ORGANIZE AND DESIGN: With Pilot G2 Pens you can do it all. We see your creative side and think you should let it out. Your bullet points don’t have to be plain black. You can dot to dot that paper with your favorite metallic, pastel and other colors.
  • YOU’VE KNOWN US FOR YEARS: Compare the luxury writing experience of our G2 pens on paper with other brands like Bic, , Feela, , Shuttle Art, Fineliner, Caliart, Lineon, Vaola, , Smart Color Art, and Artist’s Choice.

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