The Best Pens for Writing

June 6, 2018 | Episode #1
In this episode, it's all about my favorite podcast, the pens I think are best for writing, and why you should keep your gum wrappers!

My favorite podcast: Happier with Gretchen Rubin

  • My favorite podcast is Happier with Gretchen Rubin (link below)
  • This is a wonderful, light, refreshing podcast full of super useful information
  • Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth aim to bring you content each which helps make you, well, happier!
  • It’s a weekly podcast with hundreds of episodes

60-second rule

  • From Happier’s first episode comes the 60-second rule strategy
  • This is a mindset technique which, as Gretchen puts it, helps to clear the scum off the surface of life
  • In other words, this technique helps you get those little, annoying, built-up tasks done
  • Basically, if you’re considering doing a task, ask yourself, “Will this take less than 60 seconds to complete?”
  • If the answer is yes, do it right then!

Best pens for writing

Not to spoil the surprise, but my absolute favorite pen is the Pilot G2 .7mm! Here’s my criteria for selecting an amazing pen, my two runners-up, and why I love the G2 so much!

Criteria for an amazing pen

An amazing pen should…

  1. Never skip
  2. Be comfortable to hold
  3. Be retractable (it shouldn’t have a cap)
  4. Has a sturdy clip (if it has a clip)
  5. Not bleed through the page
  6. Come in a variety of colors
  7. Last a while

Second runner-up:
Papermate Gel 7mm


  • Writes quite nicely!
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Inexpensive


  • The pen skips frequently! Big no-no for me
  • Clip breaks pretty easily

First runner-up:
Uni-ball Vision Elite 8mm


  • Feels high-quality
  • Writes nicely
  • Doesn’t skip frequently
  • Sturdy clip


  • Has a cap
  • Ink flows heavily — can both bleed and smear
  • A bit more expensive — about $2.25/pen
  • Can get clogged if you write on your skin (accidentally or not); causes skipping

The best pen for writing:
Pilot G2 7mm


  • Writes nicely
  • Doesn’t skip
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Has a sturdy clip
  • Has lots of fun, bright colors!
  • Inexpensive
  • Refillable
  • Lasts forever (I usually lose them before they run out)


…only thing I could think of was having to guard them like Gollum guarded his preciousss


I challenge you to find a better pen than the G2!

If you think you have a better one, let me know. I’ll run out and grab them, provided that: 

  1.  You can buy them at a regular office supply store
  2. They have to be less than 3 bucks a pen

Email me at or leave a comment below!

If your pen tops mine, I’ll send you a pack of them on me 🙂

Why you should hang onto your gum wrappers!

Hold onto your gum wrappers so you always have a place to spit the gum out, even when there’s not a trash can.

I hate it when gum is in my mouth for too long! And when I can’t spit it out, it agitates me to no end. And, incidentally, I never spit my gum out on the ground. It can get stuck to folks shoes!

If you’ve kept the wrapper, you’ll always have a way to spit it out. And, if there’s no trash can, you can hold it until you find one!

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