10 Unusual Things to Do Before Going on Vacation

August 8, 2018 | Episode #10
This week, it's about unusual things to do before going on vacation! If you do all 10, I promise you'll have a great trip and an easier time coming home!

Show notes

This week, we’re going to cover 10 unusual things to do before going on vacation! Plus, I have a cute, printable checklist with all the items from this episode for you to download.

By the way, because this is just a list this week, I’m not going to include time markers!

First, grab the free checklist!

I have an awesome, one-page checklist for you! It’s got everything from this episode, plus a few bonus tasks, and a section for your own items.

Download it for free now!

Download the free checklist!

UPLIFT: Radical Candor

This week, I featured a podcast and book called Radical Candor.

Radical Candor is about how not to hate the boss you have or be the boss you hate.

If you are a boss, or if you have a boss, this podcast is for you! And, the book is excellent too.

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1. Day-of outfit

I don’t know about you, but I pack my entire wardrobe for overnight trips. So, I’ve ended up in the situation where I’ve accidentally packed what I need to wear the day we’re leaving on a trip.

To avoid this, set aside your day-of outfit when you first start packing!

2. Shave

This applies to anyone who shaves! Shave the night before or the morning of your departure. Then (depending on your trip length), you shouldn’t have to bring your shaving stuff with you.

Apologies to those who end up with five o’clock shadow: This might not work for you!

3. Charge all devices

I’m talking all devices. Plug everything in the night before so it’s charged when you leave.

Some things to consider:

  1. Phone
  2. Laptop
  3. Bluetooth headphones
  4. Phone charger (battery pack)
  5. Smart watch / Fitness tracker
  6. eReader

Also, to avoid forgetting anything, here’s a trick I use: Charge everything in one place (if possible), and set your car or house keys with them. This way, you can’t leave without picking up the things you’re charging!

4. Plan for pets and plants

Don’t forget to plan for the living stuff in your home! This includes knowing what you’re doing with your pets and your plants!

5. Run garbage disposal

Nothing is worse than coming home after a trip to a house that reeks. Food left in a garbage disposal will rot and cause just that to happen.

Right before you go, run the disposal!

6. Take out trash

Right before you leave the house, pull the garbage and take it out. This includes all cans throughout your home.

And, be sure to put bags back in the cans so you don’t have to after you return!

7. Clean your home

At least for me, I love coming home to a clean, fresh space. So, usually a day or two before I leave for a trip, I deep-clean my house. That way, when I get back, the space feels incredibly inviting!

8. Plan for heating and cooling

Be sure you consider what’s happening with your thermostat while you’re gone.

There’s no sense in super-chilling a space in the summer, or overheating it in the winter, when you’re not going to be home!

If you have pets though, be sure to take them into consideration before drastically changing the temperature!

9. Clean out fridge

This goes along with items 5, 6, and 7: Food rots and smells. You don’t want to come home to a place that smells awful because leftovers from two nights ago are still in the fridge when you return.

Freeze anything you’re keeping and dump anything you don’t want.

10. Review your checklist

Before I leave for any trip, I read my checklist out loud, even the items I’ve already checked off.

This way, it’s much harder to forget anything! 

Speaking of checklists…

I already created a cute, printable checklist of all the items from this episode!

Download it for free now!

Download the free checklist!

Get the Free Download!

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