The Very Best Life Hacks for The Kitchen

September 19, 2018 | Episode #16
This week's about kitchen life hacks! How to store eggs, plan grocery trips, open wine, chill filtered water, & more. Plus, my favorite slow cooker recipes!

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MAIN IDEA [03:07]
The Very Best Life Hacks for the Kitchen

1. Egg bins [03:34]

  • Buy two (more on that in a minute) plastic bins from dollar store
  • Stack the two bins together
  • Transfer eggs from the carton into the bins

This hack saves a bunch of space in the fridge, especially if you buy the two-dozen packs of eggs!

Here’s the storage bin I use for eggs!

I suggest getting two bins so that you can follow the FIFO, or first in, first out principle.

Restaurants use FIFO to ensure that their food is fresh. It means that whatever food you brought in first should be used first.

To do that with this hack:

  • Separate the bins, leaving the older eggs in one bin
  • Transfer the fresh eggs from the carton to the empty bin
  • Transfer the old eggs on top of the fresh eggs
  • Stack the bins together

2. Keep a list of recipe titles [05:30]

  • When you find a new recipe you like, add its title to a list
  • Use your favorite platform for this
    • Notebook
    • Index cards
    • App (OneNote, Evernote, etc. — I use OneNote and Todoist)
  • When you’re shopping / meal planning, you can simply scan that list and select a few recipes

With this hack, you don’t have to shuffle through all of your recipes themselves. And, you won’t have to try to remember them each time you’re planning what to make.

3. Planning grocery shopping trips [07:09]

There are a couple prep steps you should do to make this hack a bit easier:

  1. Keep a running list of the things you need to buy as you discover them. I use my Google Home to keep track of them (by saying Hey Google, Add ___ to my shopping list). Whatever method you choose will work, though!
  2. Use hack #2 to keep a scan-able list of recipes
  3. Get these Knock Knock pads:

Knock Knock Meal Planner pad

I have one of these pads on my fridge for planning meals:

Get one by clicking here!

Knock Knock All Out Of pad

I also have one of these shopping list pads on my fridge:

Get one by clicking here!

How to plan grocery shopping trips

  • Day of the shopping trip, scan your list of recipes you’ll make that week. I typically select 2-3.
  • Transfer those recipes to the meal planner pad
  • Fill in the rest of the pad with leftovers / quick recipes (mac & cheese, hot dogs, etc.)
  • From there, using your meal plan as a guide, add all of the items you need to buy to the All Out Of pad
  • Transfer any items from your running shopping list (in my case, from my Google Home’s list)
  • Take the All Out Of pad and a pen to the store and shop the list!

4. Chill filtered water faster [12:30]

This is a really quick tip If you use a water filter pitcher / dispenser!

If you want cold water faster, simply put a couple handfuls of ice in the water reservoir.

This way, as the water filters, it’s already cold and ready to drink!

This is the filter I use! There’s a link to get it below.

Ice in the reservoir! It chills the water quickly!

Get my favorite water filter (the one pictured above) by clicking here!

5. My favorite wine opener & foil cutter [14:14]

Kevin got this Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener for me for Christmas one year:

It makes opening wine super easy, it’s really inexpensive, and it really does work.

My favorite feature, though, is the foil cutter. I never kn    ew how much I’d like using a foil cutter until I started actually using one.

I used to just pierce the foil with the opener and pull the cork right through it. The problem there was that I’d sometimes get little foil shards in the bottle.

With this foil cutter, you can take off the top layer of foil with absolutely no effort! No more foil shards!

Get one by clicking here!

Bonus! My favorite wines!

Curious about which wines are my favorites? Wonder no more!

FREEBIE [17:26]
My 3 Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes

Grab my 3 favorite slow cooker recipes in one quick, free download!

  1. Slow cooker roast beef
  2. Slow cooker chicken & veggies
  3. Crack chicken

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