My Favorite Things | Part 1

October 3, 2018 | Episode #18
It's time for my favorite things! In each episode in the Favorite Things series, I'll cover the best products for all of the areas around your home!

My Favorite Things


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KITCHEN: Oxo SteeL Bottle Brush

  • Great for glasses, bottles, mugs
  • Works very well for pots, too
  • I store mine on my dish-drying mat so it’s easy to grab
  • Click here to get one

BATHROOM: DenTek Complete Clean Back Teeth Floss Picks

  • Curved picks are much easier to use to get to back teeth
  • I like brushing and using mouthwash. So, I started flossing between those two to lock in the habit
  • Click here to get these

How to floss properly

BEDROOM: Over-the-door hanger

  • Great for those too dirty to put away but too clean to wash clothes
  • Hang anything up that you plan to wear again
  • This works especially well for jeans
  • Click here to get one

LIVING ROOM: Threshold Tufted Storage Bench With Nailheads

  • An ottoman with storage is an awesome multitasker for the living room
  • This one is decorative, comfortable, and practical
  • We use ours to store extra linens. Great for guests who stay the night.
  • Click here to get one

OFFICE: Todoist

  • Currently my task tracking method of choice
  • I’m using Todoist with David Allen’s Getting Things Done framework. More on this in a future episode.
  • Excellent features
    • Projects
    • Labels
    • Filters
  • Can add tasks anywhere
    • PC
    • Google Home
    • Smart watch
    • Phone
  • Excellent price
    • 1 month free
    • $29 / year
  • Also, during the episode, I mentioned that I use IFTTT to add tasks to Todoist from my Google Home!

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