How to Keep Up with Laundry

June 13, 2018 | Episode #2
We'll talk about how to keep up with laundry, how to speed up drying time and combat wrinkles, and how to never lose another sock again.

STRATEGY: Keep up with laundry with mini laundry [01:20]

  • I used to find it impossible to keep up with laundry
  • Folding is my downfall!
  • Doing smaller loads of laundry = less time folding
  • Use an over-the-door rack to hang clothes (instead of using a hamper). Prevents clothes from piling up because there’s only so much space.
  • Integrate laundry into an established routine. Mine is my morning routine.
  • Have a designated time for folding

12 hook clothing rack on back of door

Clothes rack on the back of our bedroom door


  1. Put small load (2-3 days of clothes max) in washer
  2. As soon as it’s done, transfer to dryer. Set a timer if necessary.
  3. Once dry, either fold immediately, or plan a time.
    1. In my case, I work at 9 AM. So, I stop what I’m doing at 8 AM and fold then.
  4. Because the load is small, folding takes 5 minutes max!

Doesn’t it use more energy?

I’ll admit that doing laundry more frequently means that you’ll use a bit more energy. But, here are some things to consider:

  1. The load is smaller, so you use less water. Also, drying time is much quicker.
  2. If you use my first life hack below, drying time will be reduced even more!
  3. For me, being able to keep up with laundry is worth the small energy increase

LIFE HACK: Use dryer balls [08:32]

I keep a set of dryer balls in my dryer at all times. Why?

  1. Dryer balls help to move the laundry around as it dries. This means clothes dry more evenly and more quickly.
  2. They also help reduce wrinkles, especially with bulky items like blankets.

If you don’t want to use dryer balls, a set of clean tennis balls will do the trick too!

You can grab some awesome dryer balls by clicking here!

LIFE HACK: Never lose another sock again [10:45]

  • Beyond any laundry tip I can come up with, this one’s my favorite! And, if you’ve ever lost a sock doing laundry, I’ll bet you’ll love it too.
  • Use a mesh laundry bag to keep socks together!
    • As soon as I take socks off, they go right into the bag
    • When I do laundry, I zip up the bag and toss it in
  • There’s no chance that the socks can get lost this way!
Mesh laundry bag with socks

Mesh laundry bag with socks

Get the awesome mesh laundry bags I use by clicking here!

STRUGGLE BUS: Can’t get towels to smell fresh! [13:45]

Sometimes, my towels retain a musty smell, even after they’ve just been washed/dried. If you have any ways of fixing this, I’d love to know!

  1. Email me at
  2. Leave a comment below!


  1. Keep up with laundry by using my mini laundry strategy
  2. Use dryer balls for shorter drying times with less wrinkles
  3. Keep your socks together by putting them into a mesh bag before laundering
  4. Let me know how to freshen my towels! Email or comment below!

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