How to Organize Tasks at Work + My Favorite Tools

May 8, 2019 | Episode #41
Task management can be a pain. This week's about how to organize tasks at work + my favorite tools. Then, how to avoid excessive phone notifications.

The end of season 2 is coming!

Season 2 is set to wrap up on May 29! I can’t believe we’re already two season deep into the show ?

Just like last time, there’ll be a brief hiatus. During that time, I’ll publish weekly episodes of A Little Easier, my tiny version of the show.

How to Organize Tasks at Work

Make Work Easier

This is how I currently organize tasks at work. I’m sure I’ll tweak this over time, but here’s what I’ve got for now:

My favorite tools

  1. Todoist: Task management
  2. Microsoft Outlook: Work calendar
  3. Google Calendar: Home calendar
  4. Google Assistant / Google Home: Voice commands
  5. IFTTT: Linking Todoist and Google Assistant
  6. Omni Todoist: Chrome extension for adding tasks to Todoist
  7. BONUS | Trello: Editorial calendar

Other resources

  1. BOOK | Getting Things Done, David Allen
  2. BOOK | Work Clean, Dan Charnas
  3. YOUTUBE | Carl Pullein

Method: Capture, organize, do (COD)

Capture: Get every task out of your head!

David Allen explains that our heads are for creating ideas, not storing them. It’s best if, every time you have an idea / think of a task, to store it in a trusted system.

Here are the ways I capture my ideas:

  1. Google Assistant / Google Home
    • Use my Google Homes around the house / at the office
    • Also use voice commands in the shower! Have a Google Home in the bathroom.
    • I use Assistant with Android Auto in my car
    • Sometimes I use it on my hone
  2. Phone
    • When I’m on my phone, I add tasks to Todoist via a widget on my home screen
  3. Computer
    • If I’m in Todoist, I’ll type them directly in
    • When I’m using Chrome, Omni Todoist is an excellent tool for capturing tasks!
  4. Notebook
    • Sometimes, a notebook is the way to go
    • I make sure to flag all of my tasks whenever I’m taking notes
    • Check the method from Episode 29 for more on this

Organize: Do a daily mise (daily review)

  1. Head back to Episode 28 for the full daily mise method!
  2. After all of my tasks make it into Todoist, here’s how I flag them:
    • 2-3 tasks must-do tasks for tomorrow, priority 1
    • Any tasks I think can be done in next 2-3 days, priority 2
    • Tasks that have deadlines get flagged
  3. I then use a filter in Todoist that shows tasks with flags and upcoming deadlines (as reminders)
  4. Finally, I schedule tasks on my calendar
    • Priority 1 tasks go into Outlook
    • If time available, any Priority 2 tasks will get scheduled
    • Try to only schedule next day

Do: Work!

  • Do the work!
  • Follow your schedule as best as you can

Protect Yourself from Excessive Phone Notifications

Make Life Easier
  • Daywise
    • Android only! (If anyone knows of an app for iOS, please share ?)
    • Captures notifications
    • You set a schedule
    • The app will alert you just at those times with your notifications
    • You can pick which notifications get batched

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