How to Stop Robocalls From Disrupting Your Entire Life

September 4, 2019 | Episode #49
Do automated calls make you want to take a sledgehammer to your phone? Yeah, me too. But, there's hope! Here's a trick for how to finally stop robocalls.

How to Stop Robocalls: A Unique Trick

Make Life Easier

Robocalls are evil. End of story.

^ How I envision people who set up these robocalls…

I could’ve ended the post there and thoroughly made my point. But, I’m guessing you want to know how to stop them, right?

How to Stop Robocalls: What Kind Of Works

For the longest time, I attempted to figure out how to stop robocalls. I tried a number of things, most of them recommended by major news networks or the FCC.

Those things include:

  • Joining the Do Not Call Registry
  • Using call blocking tools, either standalone apps or ones provided by carriers
  • Simply not answering
  • Rejecting the calls

And I can say that these things kind of work.

I’m on the Do Not Call Registry, but clearly it doesn’t work so well. If it did, this post wouldn’t be a thing.

Call blocking tools make mistakes all the time. They let calls through that they shouldn’t, or block important stuff you need (e.g., a company I’d interviewed at calling to offer me a job…).

As for not answering, I’ve found that does very little in the way of stopping the calls. They just keep trying.

And finally, rejecting the calls outright seems to have an adverse affect: It seems like calls get worse when I do that.

So, what’s this unique solution?

How to Stop Robocalls: What Actually Works

If you’re wondering how to stop robocalls for real, give this trick a shot.

A client of mine shared an article her employer (a major hospital in the area) put out to all of their employees. That article suggested doing the following:

  1. When an unknown call comes in, answer it
  2.  Don’t say a word. Stay silent.
  3. Wait. Wait until the call disconnects.

The callers have automated software which flags whether or not a line is active. By doing this, it sends the message to the software that the line is dead and it’ll remove your number from that list.

I can’t say with 100% certainty that this will eliminate all calls, but it’s definitely worked from me. In the past, I would get 20-30 calls per day. It drove me absolutely crazy. Now, I’m only getting 1-2. On some days, I’ve gotten none.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

How to Properly Wrap Charger Cables So They Won’t Break

Make Work Easier

How many charging cables have you gone through? Computer cables and phone cables. Hell, even headphones! Ones that worked but now don’t, either frayed, or damaged, or simply non-functional?

You’re not alone.

The key to keeping your charging cables in working order is proper storage. Seriously! Most folks don’t pay enough attention to how their cables are stored, so they get damaged just hanging around.

To extend the life of your cords, you need to be sure that they’re properly wrapped, with minimal stress put on the ends. Oh, and you should never, ever, leave cables unwrapped in the bottom of a bag. Stop doing that.

How to Properly Wrap and Store Charger Cables. (Headphones too.)

Here’s the method I’ve used for years. And because of it, I keep cables for about that long, too!

The video covers everything. But, in case you want written directions, here you go:

A. Wrap ‘Em Properly

  1. Hold one of the ends of the cable with four fingers of your non-dominant hand. The end should be sticking out a bit.
  2. Grab the cable with your dominant hand
  3. Wrap the cable around your four fingers and thumb. Keep it tight, but not too tight.
    1. As you’re wrapping, straighten the cable
    2. Ideally, you’ll finish with both ends on the same side. If not, wrap the cable again, but don’t include your thumb!
  4. Once it’s wrapped, give the cable a quarter-turn. It should now look like a figure-8.
  5. Finally, use a cable wrap of some kind to hold it together

B. Straighten ‘Em Out

Every time you unwrap a cable to use it, straight in out. This will help prevent any kinks from forming.

This step alone is probably the most important one. Always, always, always straighten out your cables.

C. Wrap ‘Em Up

Choosing the right kinds of wraps is also important.

Overall, my biggest piece of advice: avoid rubber bands. They’re too harsh on the cables and can damage them.

If I’m in a bind and have no other option, I’ll opt for a rubber band (as opposed to not wrapping the cable at all). Otherwise, a hair tie or velcro cable wrap is my go-to.

D. For Computer Chargers…

If your computer charger can be separated into a few parts (usually at the charging block), always separate it. Storing the cables in the smallest possible pieces will help prevent damage at the connectors if the cable gets bent or squished.

Actually, always do this, no matter what kind of charger! Computer cables are just the most common that have multiple parts.

Charger Cables & Cable Wraps

My Favorite Things

Anker USB Cables

Anker is my absolute favorite brand for cables, charging blocks, and battery packs. They are high-quality and reasonably priced. I’ve never regretted buying a cable of theirs.

I’m specifically calling out the Micro USB (Android) and Lightning (Apple) cables today, but any of their cables are excellent. And for some reason, I like the red ones!

anker 6ft nylon braided micro USB cable   anker 6ft nylon braided lightning cable

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Velcro Cable Wraps

For cables you wrap all the time, these are essential. I keep one on each end of my computer charger. This way, I never have to search for a wrap; it’s always there, hanging out on the cable.

avantree reusable cord organizer wrap 50 pack

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Video is the Bane of My Existence

Riding the Struggle Bus

Last up today, I just want to tell you that I hate video. Specifically, I hate being on camera.

Well, actually, I don’t mind the being on camera part so much as I hate everything else. The setup, the lighting, the background, the sound, the specs, the equipment. It’s just too much!

I’m trying to finish recording modules for my upcoming online course on productivity and task management (can’t wait!), but the video! It’s just… so difficult.

Any help would be beyond appreciated! Call in and share your video recording tips.

Dial 313-242-7473

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