Do Good in the World w/ Random Acts of Kindness 2019

November 27, 2019 | Episode #60
Random Acts of Kindness 2019 is all about putting a little extra good out into the world. Join me for The Kindness Project and help brighten someone's day.

During a time when we have lots of food to eat, and lots of things to buy, I wanted to take some time to do a bit of good. And, to encourage you to do the same.

That’s what Random Acts of Kindness 2019 is all about. Plus, I have an idea I’d like your help with called The Kindness Project.

But first, a short story:

A Tiny Donation Goes a Long Way


Back in May, I got a card with an attached plastic bag in the mail. It was time again for the USPS to conduct their annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

I’d never contributed before, but I decided that I wanted to this year. So, I put the card in my car so I’d remember to buy canned goods for the drive the next time I went grocery shopping.

For whatever reason, I didn’t end up shopping until a couple of weeks later. But, the card stayed in my car.

I finally made it to Target, and I picked up the canned goods, figuring that the USPS would likely still be accepting donations. Although, what I didn’t realize was that the drive is only conducted on a single Saturday each year.

I got to work the next day and asked the front desk to hold the mail carrier when she arrived so I could give her the donation.

When the desk called me, I came up to talk to her, and she explained that the drive was over. But, she mentioned that she’d be willing to take the food and see that it got to someone who needed it.

I was comfortable with that, and assumed she’d pass it along to whomever organized the drive and they’d add my donation to the rest. We went out to my car together, and I transferred the three bags of canned goods to her truck.

A month or so went by after that, and I’d completely forgotten about the donation. But, one morning, I was sitting in my office and one of the folks from the front desk stopped by. He handed me a card in an envelope.

I asked who it was from, and he told me that he thought it was from the mail lady, but he wasn’t sure that made sense. At first, I wasn’t sure it did either, until I remembered the food drive.

I opened the envelope, and pulled out a card from the mail carrier I’d given the donation to.

random acts of kindness 2019 thank you card front random acts of kindness 2019 thank you card inside left random acts of kindness 2019 thank you card inside right

To this day, words still can’t express what this card means to me. Suffice to say, I’m still very happy that the food made it to someone who really needed it.

And, since then, it’s inspired me to want to do more.

That’s why I’m encouraging folks — you, too! the person reading this post right now! — to participate in Random Acts of Kindness 2019, and going forward, in The Kindness Project.

Random Acts of Kindness 2019: Starting The Kindness Project


At first, I was just going to encourage everyone reading and listening to Easier — that’s you! — to do something for Random Acts of Kindness 2019. And, I still am doing that!

But, I thought it’d be a good idea to encourage kindness all the time. So, I’m turning it into what I’m calling The Kindness Project.

What’s The Kindness Project?

It’s an effort to do good in the world through random acts of kindness. That’s it!

But, I thought that, in addition to the actual acts themselves, it’d do even more good to encourage folks to share their kindness publicly. There’s enough negative and self-centered stuff happening on social, I thought it would be refreshing and, well, kind of us to share how we’re brightening others’ days.

How do I participate?

Below you’ll find a list of ideas for random acts of kindness you can perform. There are both free ideas, and ideas that cost a bit of money.

You’ll select one or more of those (or come up with your own), do them, and take a photo or video.

Then, you’ll…

  1. Upload that photo or video to Instagram
  2. Tag @easiercast
  3. Hashtag the post with #TheKindnessProject

And that’s it!

I’ll then curate the posts on Easier’s Instagram so there’s a running list of all the kindness we do collectively.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is too small

If you’re worried that what you’re doing is too small to share, let me tell you: it’s not.

Any chance we get to do even the littlest thing (e.g., picking up a piece of trash and throwing it in a trash can) to put some good out there is worth sharing.

Doesn’t sharing on Instagram defeat the purpose? Isn’t it a bit selfish?

If you’re worried about seeming like you’re asking for a pat on the back for doing something selfless, I get that. I was too when I started the Project.

But, I realized that while there’s a tiny bit of selfishness inherent to posting this stuff on social, the overall impact is worth it.

The more folks that participate, the more kindness we generate, and the more folks we then inspire to also participate.

So, don’t hesitate! Please share your kindness with the world on Instagram! Just be sure to tag @easiercast (and hashtag #TheKindnessProject) so I can see it and can curate the feed!

Random Acts of Kindness 2019: Free Ideas

  1. Volunteer
    • Animal shelter
    • Homeless shelter
  2. Pick up trash
  3. Outdoor chores
    • Shovel
    • Mow
    • Water flowers
    • Rake
  4. Plant a tree
  5. Send a handwritten letter or card
  6. Write kind note on receipt at restaurant
  7. Ask for manager: Compliment
  8. Give up seat on transit
  9. Offer to babysit for free
  10. Share someone’s social media post
  11. Send kind texts / messages
  12. Mirror message
  13. Gratitude list
  14. Compliment others
  15. Tape coins around a playground for kids to find
  16. Put phone away
  17. My favorite: Kind notes for strangers

Random Acts of Kindness 2019: Paid Ideas

  1. Buy partner an unexpected gift / ANYONE an unexpected gift
  2. Leave money at vending machine
  3. Fill a parking meter
  4. Pay it backward
    • Coffee
    • Movies
    • Grocery store
    • Restaurants
    • Dry cleaning
  5. Give a generous tip
  6. Pay for a stranger’s library fees
  7. Give out gift cards
  8. Donate to charity
    • Money
    • Unused things
    • Food
    • Food / Animal shelter


Here are the sites I used to help generate this list!

How’s This Productive?

Productivity, noun (proh-duhk-tiv-i-tee):

  1. Converting inputs into useful outputs


  • Effort
  • Time
  • Resources


  • More Good in the world

I’m So Grateful for Three Amazing Seasons!

Thank you to everybody for being a part of this show. It means more to me than you’ll ever know ❤

Progress we’ve made since June 6, 2018

  • Easier has been listened to in at least 735 cities
  • And in at least 57 countries
  • We’ve got 36,000 downloads and counting
  • Because of this show, I created my new course
  • I’ve grown tremendously as a podcaster, content creator, and as a person

 Thanks to some amazing thought leaders

  • Brant Pinvidic, The 3-Minute Rule
  • Chris Ducker, Virtual Freedom
  • Marie Forleo, Everything Is Figureoutable
  • Michael Sorensen, I Hear You
  • Lost and Founder, Rand Fishkin
  • Mel Robbins, 5 Second Rule
  • Michael Hyatt, Free to Focus
  • Hal Elrod, The Miracle Equation

Thanks to some amazing people

  • Lisa Eldred Steinkopf, my first (and only) guest on the show this season
  • Christa, my close friend, for helping me out with developing my course and providing excellent feedback
  • Kevin, my fiancée, for supporting me in creating this show, and being there for me no matter what
  • Colleen, my best friend, for being a constant source of inspiration and guidance
    • By the way, if you like houseplants, you should absolutely check out her blog A Natural Curiosity

Thanks, of course, to you

I am so grateful that you’re a part of the Easier family. Without you, and the rest of the folks who listen to the show, this wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks so, so much!

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