15 Uncommon Things to Bring Camping

August 1, 2018 | Episode #9
This week, we're talking about unusual things to bring camping! 15 of 'em to be exact. Plus, I have a freebie for you: A cute, downloadable checklist ☑️

In this week’s episode, I’ll cover 15 things to bring camping that you might not have thought about!

By the way, because this is just a list this week, I’m not going to include time markers!

First, grab the free checklist!

Like I mentioned, I have a free, one-page checklist for you to download.

It’s available for Word and Google Drive, can be customized, and is printable!

Download the free checklist!

1. Plastic storage drawers

Hands-down my favorite addition to our camping gear!

Got this idea from a checklist online and it’s brilliant! Pack your camping gear into these bins and it’ll stay organized throughout your trip.

Get these drawers

2. Fire-starter sticks

Sometimes, getting a campfire started is a pain in the butt (seriously, can’t even imagine trying to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together…)

For the past few years, we’ve used Duraflame fire starter sticks to help get things going. These light easily and burn slowly helping start that perfect campfire!

Get these fire starters 

3. Dryer lint

Speaking of getting campfires started, this is an awesome, ~free~ hack: Bring dryer lint to use as fire starter.

There’s a reason you have to empty the lint trap so frequently! This stuff is super flammable  ?. Bad for houses, but perfect for campfires!

If you’re planning to go camping, just stuff the lint into a plastic bag instead of throwing it away.

4. Fireplace tongs

While we’re still on the subject of campfires, don’t forget to bring something to prod / rearrange the logs!

fireplace tongs

Get these tongs

5. Tent bug spray

Do yourself a favor and get a can of Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent. Then, spray it all over your tent to keep bugs away.

This was a tip from a friend of mine, and it works incredibly well. The first time I went camping, our tent was covered in bugs each time we woke up in the morning. The next year, we brought this stuff. Bug problem mostly gone!

Get this spray

6. Welcome mat

Get an inexpensive welcome mat from a store like Ikea or Target. Bonus if the mat can be folded up! Put it on the ground outside your tent.

This way, you can take your shoes off outside of the tent, step onto the mat, and walk inside without tracking in (as much) dirt!\\

Get this welcome mat

7. Dust buster

And speaking of keeping your tent dirt-free, bring a cordless vacuum with you! You’ll be very grateful when you have an easy way to suck up the dirt that does manage to sneak onto your air mattress / sleeping bag!

Get this dust buster

8. Mallet with stake pull

In the camping sections of lots of stores, they sell mallets for pounding in stakes. Some of them have a hook on the end of the handle specifically for helping pull stakes out of the ground.

Believe me, you’ll be glad you made this small investment when it comes time to tear down your tent!

Get this mallet

9. Extension cord

Pretty self-explanatory! But, it’s worth investing in one of these Woods reel extension cords. Extra length and outlets go a long way in the wilderness!

Get this extension cord 

10. Garbage can

We bring a basic, tall kitchen trash can (and tall kitchen trash bags) with us.

Just be sure you tie off the bag before going to bed at night! Open bags are a buffet for critters ?.

Get this garbage can

11. Fan

We bring both battery-powered fans (the ones I talked about in Episode 8) and our standing bedroom fan.

Overkill? Maybe.

Comfortable? Definitely!

Get this amazing portable, rechargeable fan 

Get this tower fan

12. Warm clothes & blankets

I know that, in the middle of summer, when it’s 85+ degrees and you’re outdoors, the last thing you think you’ll need is warm clothes. And warm blankets seem totally out of the question.


The temperature at night can drop into the 50s. You’ll freeze your ass off without some warm gear!

13. Battery pack

Bring your external battery pack. And be sure to charge it fully before you leave. It’ll be more useful than you can imagine!

Get this battery pack

14. Coffee & French press

It took me 3 years of camping before I finally attempted to make coffee while camping. It’s extra work, but there’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the solitude of a chilly morning during a camping trip.

I made French press coffee while camping this year. If you want to learn how, check out episode 7: How to Make French Press Coffee

There are a couple of tweaks you’ll need to make for camping:

  1. You’ll want to bring bottled water
  2. You’ll need a way to heat the water. I brought a pan and heated it on the grill.

Get this French press

15. Lube

You never know when the mood will strike you. Better safe than chafed? 

Get this lube

Don’t forget your free checklist!

Here’s another chance to grab my free, one-page checklist.

It’s available for Word and Google Drive, can be customized, and is printable!

Download the free checklist!

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