This is the Best Time Blocking Technique I’ve Found

March 6, 2019 | Episode #32
We're combining elements from Work Clean by Dan Charnas and some of my favorite tools into the ultimate time blocking technique!

Time Blocking using Immersive and Process Time

Make Work Easier

Work Clean by Dan Charnas

Immersive time

  • Any task that requires you to be “hands-on” needs immersive time
  • Tasks that need more than 15 minutes
  • Tasks in which you need to immerse yourself
  • Examples:
    • Outline a new blog post
    • Design a new product
    • Revise the draft of your essay
    • Compiling a report
    • Working on a major project

Process time

  • Any task that you can briefly start or maintain and then be “hands-off” needs process time
  • Tasks that require 15 minutes or less go here
  • I keep a running list of process tasks, and plow through them in one block of time
  • Examples:
    • Answering email
    • Answering voicemail
    • Filing
    • Minor website tweaks
    • Quick questions for colleagues

How I schedule my day at work

  1. Each day begins with 45 minutes of process time
  2. I then time block specific immersive projects throughout the day
    1. These are usually in 90-minute blocks with 30-minute breaks
  3. I schedule a deliberate 60-minute break each day
    1. This happens when my energy is lowest: usually around 1 or 2 PM
  4. The last 30 minutes is for my Daily Mise
    1. Check out Episode 28: 4 Practical Steps for Planning for Tomorrow for an in-depth look at this amazing technique!

The Tools I Use for Time Blocking

Make Life Easier

Technically, this section makes both life and work easier!

Simple day planner (free download!)

  • I developed this quick Google Sheets file for simple time blocking
  • I use it all the time when I’m just looking for a fast way to block my day
  • Most often, this is used to plan my busy weekend days
  • I’m happy to share my file with you! Click the button below to grab it ?

Get the FREE day planner

Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook’s calendar is my primary time-blocking tool at work
  • I find Outlook to be the most flexible for editing
  • If you have access to an Outlook calendar, I definitely suggest giving this a shot
  • Here are a few best practices:
    • Never use the web-based tool. Always download Outlook to your computer and use the full app.
    • Set your interval to 15 minutes. This is the perfect balance between visibility and detail.
    • Use work week view

Google Calendar

  • I’ve recently started using my Google Calendar to time-block my personal / business time
  • I use week view for scheduling

Always trying new things

I’m always trying new methods and tools. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them: shoot me an email at

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