How to Never Forget Your Lunch at Home Again

December 26, 2018 | A Little Easier #8
Do you find yourself forgetting to take things with you as you leave home in the morning? If you use this little hack, you'll never have this problem again!

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Let’s get to the good stuff:

I saved this hack for last because it is one of my absolute favorites.

Do you ever find yourself forgetting things you need to take with you as you leave home for the day? Things like important documents, lunch, things you want to return to the store?

Well, if you follow this hack, you’ll never (and I mean never) forget to take things with you again:

To never forget things at home again: put a key object with whatever it is you need to take.

Let me just say, I’m really proud of that name because it’s an awesome pun. A key object is an item you can’t leave home without. Your car keys are one of the best examples of this, and they’re my primary key object. Get it? Key object. Okay, I’m done ?

Anyway, select something you absolutely can’t leave home without. I say car keys because you won’t be able to drive away without them.

Then, whenever you have something you don’t want to forget, put your key object with the thing you need to take with you.

Boom. You’ll never forget again.

A quick caveat

There’s one thing you need to keep in mind: This (obviously) only works if you actually remember to do it.

So it is imperative that, the second you think about something you need to take, you must drop everything you’re doing and put it with your key object. Take 10 seconds, stop whatever it is you’re doing, and make this happen. For real.

If you don’t do it as soon as you think of it, you’ll likely forget to use your key object. And ultimately, you’ll likely forget to take whatever it is with you!

Some examples

  • If I’ve bought food that has to be refrigerated, guess where my car key ends up? Yep, I put it in the fridge (for real).
  • If I have something to return to the store, I put it and my car key in a bag and hang them on the front door handle.
  • If I have documents or mail to take with me, I put them with my key object on my desk.

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