It’s Back to School Time!

August 29, 2018 | Episode #13
It's that time again! Students are headed back to school! This week, I have a quick list of things to do during this hectic time.

MAIN IDEA: Back to School Tips [04:11]

It’s that time again! Students are headed back to school! This week, I have a quick list of things to do during this hectic time.

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1. Update contact information with your school [05:04]

First thing! If your contact information — phone number(s), physical address, email address — are out of date with your school, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

Either call the school, or make a note to do so, and update that contact information.

In critical situations, having the right contact information can be essential. We’ve had medical situations at our school where we couldn’t reach a parent/guardian and it was a nightmare

2. Keep a binder with copies of important documents [06:50]

When students are headed back, you often get a ton of documents! Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming!

During all of the chaos, it can be hard to stay organized. But, there’s nothing worse than needing an important paper later and not being able to find it.

My advice: When you get these documents, put them together in one place! A binder or folder is the way to go.

Some things to be sure to include are:

  1. Code of conduct
  2. School map
  3. Student’s class schedule
  4. School supply list
  5. School calendar

3. LIFE HACK: Transfer important dates from the school’s calendar [09:54]

Before the school year begins, you should be able to grab a copy of the school’s calendar. If a paper one isn’t sent home, you’ll likely be able to get it on the school’s website.

Once you have it, transfer all of the important dates to whatever tool you use to manage your appointments!

This will save you a ton of hassle in the future, and will help prevent missed events

4. Review and purchase all school supplies [11:41]

If your school provides a school supply list, definitely purchase everything on the list!

I understand that some folks feel off about having to purchase supplies for classrooms. But, I’m 100% with this mom on how I feel about that!

If you’re still in vacation mode…

Check out my post 10 Unusual Thing to Do Before Going on Vacation for some fun tips

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