Feast for the Eyes

June 20, 2018 | Episode #3
It's a feast for the eyes! We'll talk about how to brighten your space, discover your signature color, & why you should follow colorful Instagram profiles!

This week, it’s all about a feast for the eyes! We’re talking about things that are bright, beautiful, and colorful.

Add a beautiful plant [01:17]

I wasn’t always a huge fan of live plants. Recently though, they’ve really started to make me feel good! I would definitely suggest you grab some bright, beautiful plants to liven up your space.

Bonsai tree

I recently got a beautiful bonsai tree from Telly’s greenhouse in Troy, MI. This amazing little creature, whom I call Oliver, has made a wonderful impact on my space. It’s not super vivid in color, but it is stunning to look at.

Bonsai tree

My bonsai tree Oliver

Get your own bonsai tree by clicking here!

Celosia plants

Also, I added celosia plants to my balcony! They’re bright, beautiful, fuzzy, and weird. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Celosia plants in rainbow planters

Celosia plants in rainbow planters

Celosia plants close-up

Celosia plants close-up

I meditate every day, and I use watering my plants as a kind of pre-meditation. It helps me slow down and connect with my space. Great tip to try if you meditate too!

Also, if you love the planters I got, they’re available on Amazon. They’re also super cheap! You can get them by clicking here.

SOMETHING BORROWED: Discover your signature color [09:34]

This is another borrowed idea from the Happier podcast (can you tell I love this show?)!

Gretchen and Elizabeth suggest that you identify your signature color. This is a color that speaks to you, one that you feel at home with.

In my case, I don’t have a single specific color, but rather a color theme: I love bright, bold color. Blue does tend to be my favorite, but I love any color that’s captivating and bright!

What’s your signature color, pattern, or theme? Let me know! You can email me at podcast@wordpress-739001-2510787.cloudwaysapps.com or leave a comment below!

Also, click here if you’d like to check out the Happier podcast episode about signature color!

STRATEGY: Follow bright, colorful Instagram tags and profiles [12:46]

This week’s STRATEGY is to follow bright, beautiful, and colorful tags on Instagram!

If you love bright colors too, this is a simple way of getting more vivid into your day.

Here are a few of the hashtags I follow:

  • #colorfulart
  • #brightcolors
  • #colorexplosion
  • #oceanviews — This one isn’t specifically color-related, but it still fits!


One Instagram (and Facebook) profile I absolutely love is SaltySeattle. The chef here makes deliciously beautiful and colorful pasta!

Rainbow pasta by salty seattle

Image copyright SaltySeattle

Click here to get the link to her profile!

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: What are your favorite colorful Instagram tags and profiles? [16:33]

Let me know! Email me at podcast@wordpress-739001-2510787.cloudwaysapps.com or leave a comment below.


  • It’s all about a feast for the eyes: bright, beautiful, and colorful
  • Add a beautiful plant to brighten up your space
  • Discover your signature color
  • Follow bright, colorful Instagram tags and profiles
  • Let me know if you’ve done any of this! Comment below, or email podcast@wordpress-739001-2510787.cloudwaysapps.com

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