If You Hate Folding Socks, Try These 3 Helpful Laundry Hacks

June 12, 2019 | A Little Easier #10
Folding socks is a pain in the butt. But, with these 3 simple, inexpensive laundry hacks, you'll knock this chore out in no time!

I’ve got 3 awesome laundry hacks that’ll up your laundry game. They’re all focused on my least favorite part of doing laundry: washing and folding socks ?

Laundry Hack #1: Get mesh laundry bags

This is the laundry hack to end all hacks: Put your dirty socks into a mesh laundry bag (and not into your laundry basket)!

We actually covered this hack wayyy back in Episode #2: How to Keep Up With Laundry!

A mesh bag accomplishes several things

  • Socks never get lost
  • You never have to dig socks out of the back of your dryer
  • All of your socks stay together for folding (see Hack #3)

Seriously. Laundry is just easier with mesh bags.

Which bags should you get?

I’ve gone through several different products. Unfortunately, for most of them, the bags start shredding in the dryer after just a few cycles.

The first set I ordered came with 6 bags, and this is the only one left. All the rest had to be thrown away because of how torn up they got.

Old, worn, ripped, mesh bag

With my latest set (which I’ve had since April 8, 2018), I’ve never had this problem. None have been thrown away, and they’re all still in great condition:

One of my favorite laundry hacks: An excellent mesh bag!

Plus, I love that they have that small elastic loop (along the left side of the pink zipper)! This allows you to tuck the zipper in so that it doesn’t scrape around in the dryer. It’s better for the dryer itself, and it’s much quieter. 

Get your bags now!

Trust me, don’t go through the hassle of dealing with shredding bags. I’ve already done the work of finding the ones that work best ?

Grab these and you’ll be very happy!

Laundry Hack #2: Hang the bag up

Also from episode #2: A trick for getting yourself into the habit of putting the socks into the bag is hanging it up! I have an over-the-door hook rack hanging up on my bedroom door.

Back-of-door clothes hooks

I hang a mesh bag on this rack. The elastic loop I mentioned above is perfect for this!

Clothes and mesh bag on over-the-door rack, another one of my laundry life hacks

Putting the bag on this rack ensures that it’s always easy to get to when I’m taking off my socks. New habit formed!

Bonus hack: Worn-but-not-dirty clothes

Use this rack for worn-but-not-dirty clothes.

Ever find yourself thinking, “I’ve worn this, but it’s not dirty”, but had nowhere for those clothes? I do this all the time, especially with jeans.

An over-the-door hook rack is the answer to that problem.

Get your own rack

This isn’t the exact rack you see in the photos above. But, this is the one I’d buy today if I was shopping for one.

Laundry Hack #3: Fold like a pro

Last up is a new hack! We’re going to use batching to sort and fold socks. This technique will make the task easier and waste less time.

1. Gather all socks together

If you’re using my tips from Hack #1, this is already done for you!

If not, as you’re folding laundry, set socks aside in a pile. Come back to them last.

2. Match and arrange socks (but don’t fold yet!)

Go through the pile and match up all of the socks. Resist the temptation to fold now!

As you match each pair, lay them out neatly so they’re easy to grab in step 3.

3. Fold in a flash?⚡

Now go through your arranged pairs and quickly fold each one.

The job is done in no time — way faster than before!

Product recap!

Seriously. Try these laundry hacks and the fantastic products I shared (especially the mesh bags). Your laundry game will never be the same!


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