How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business w/ Shelbi Moore | Part 1

January 23, 2019 | Episode #26
In this final installment of New Year, New Business, Shelbi Moore joins me to talk about how to use social media to boost your business!

We’re at the end of my New Year, New Business series! To close out this conversation about starting a side-hustle, we’re chatting with the phenomenal Shelbi Moore!

Shelbi joins us on the show to talk about how to use social media to boost your business!

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business (part 1)

Make Work Easier

My guest, Shelbi Moore

Shelbi is an entrepreneur, a social media pro, and a mom. She operates her own social media coaching and strategy business, and she plans travel and events!

On her website,, she says that she has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed. Traveling brings her excitement, events make her giddy, and helping people create lifetime memories makes her heart soar!

She says that, as a social media marketer, she can help bring your vision to life and create a community of loyal followers around your business!

If you’d like to connect with Shelbi, check here:

Let’s dive into talking about using social media to boost your business!

Some initial thoughts

  • There are lots of social media “experts” out there who don’t always know what they’re talking about
  • Shelbi uses social to convert clients, not just to build a following
  • She also often makes use of free tools
  • She decides what tools to buy by asking, “Is this worth my time, or is this worth my money?”
    • Earlier on, dedicate more of your time
    • Then, when money starts coming in, you can dedicate more money

1. Social media strategy

  • If you’re going to use social, social strategy is just as important as a business strategy
  • What’s your goal? Drive traffic? Get followers? Sell products?
  • You have to know whom your ideal client is and what you want from them
  • Identify 3-5 specific topics that you consistently post about
    • Shelbi’s topics are:
      • Travel
      • Family
      • Social media strategy
      • Affiliate / collaboration
    • If you are posting things outside of your content areas, your audience will jump ship
  • Always give value. Give the best thing about your business away for free.
  •  You can break up a single piece of content into multiple, smaller social posts

Posting frequency

2. Content & scheduling

Consistency is key!

  • Social platforms punish you if you’re not posting consistently
  • Algorithm considerations:
    • More engagement (likes / comments) = higher placement in feed
    • People who engage with you = higher placement
    • People who engage with you multiple times = even higher placement
    • Inconsistency in posting = the opposite of all of this!


  • Social can suck up a ton of time. Batching / scheduling posts can be part of the solution to this!
  • Just because you schedule posts ahead of time doesn’t mean that your content is inauthentic!
  • Shelbi’s strategy:
    • She batches two weeks at a time
    • If she’s really on top of her game, she’ll go as far out as a month
    • It takes her about two hours for 30 days of content

Instagram Stories vs. Feed

  • Feed is for your curated, scheduled content
  • Stories are for more organic, on-the-fly content

3. Tools of the trade

Unsplash; Pixabay

  • Free stock photos
  • No attribution required!
  • Good for commercial projects
  • ? Unsplash
  • ? Pixabay


  • Graphic creation and editing tools
  • ? Canva

Lightroom; Snapseed, VSCO

Planoly; Buffer

  • Content scheduling tools
  • Shelbi and I both use Planoly for Instagram!
  • ? Planoly
  • ? Buffer

Listen to part 2!

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