My Absolute Favorite Filing Hack!

November 21, 2018 | A Little Easier #3
Learn my little secret for filing documents that just don't seem to belong anywhere. This trick works for files you're not sure you should keep, too!

Little #3: My Absolute Favorite Filing Hack!

Make Work Easier

In the past at work, I found that I often had documents to file that just didn’t belong anywhere. They didn’t make sense in any specific folder or group.

Or, I’d find myself debating if I should keep the document in the first place.

These documents would often be a source of stress because I wouldn’t know what to do with them, so they’d clutter up my desk.

Finally, I had an idea! I created a new file, and called it Copies I Wish I’d Kept. 

Now, any of those documents I just don’t have a good place for get stashed in there. Same goes for ones I’m debating keeping or not.

This way, I always have those documents. And, every so often, I flip through everything in there and check for multiple types of similar documents. If there are 3+ of the same kind of document (e.g., an invoice from the same vendor), I’ll pull them out and create a file just for those!

No more stress about filing again!

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