Improve Your Goal Success Rate With This Unique Technique

December 11, 2019 | A Little Easier #20
Did you know you're 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Combine that with this technique and see your goal success rate skyrocket!

Going to try something new for this week’s show notes!

Below is a quick, bulleted summary of this week’s show on improving your goal success. Then, below that, is the full transcript of the episode.

Keep in mind that I’ve not edited the transcript, so it might be a little bit rough. But, it’ll definitely get you the info you need ?

Summary — Improve Your Goal Success Rate

  • People who write their goals down increase their success rate by nearly 50%
  • If you root them in passions though, your goal success rate jumps even higher
  • You might have idea about your passions, but need to get crystal clear
  • You also need to be sure you’re writing everything down
  • Your passions must come first before you write goals!
    • Passion: Intense desire or enthusiasm for something
    • When you’re passionate about something, you’ll weather the storm no matter how rough it gets
  • When you know your passions, and your goals flow from there, it gives your because
  • My course, Craft Your Big Goals, will help you find that goal success you’re looking for
  • Plus, it’ll walk you through every step of finding your passions, clarifying them, and developing your Big Goals

Transcript — Improve Your Goal Success Rate

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Remember! I’ve only lightly edited this goal success transcript, so there are probably some mistakes here and there! But, you’ll get the gist ?

00:00                   You’re listening to a little easier, a tiny version of my productivity podcast. I’m Anthony Wagner, and this week we’re talking goals, success. Did you know that you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Well, I’m encouraging you to combine that with my unique technique and you will see that success rate skyrocket.

00:22                   So we’re going to jump right into it because this is a little episode and I am so excited about this technique that I developed as part of my course focus for real and the mini version of that course, which is called craft your big goals, which should be out on December 8th, 2019 however, I’m still, you know I’m recording about a week before that and I’m still like trying to catch up to the finish line, so I’m hoping to have that launched.

00:47                   But if you’re interested in that course, as I mentioned a number of times in this show, — C-R-A-F-T drop your name on the list.

00:55                   If it’s still before that, I will promise you I won’t release before the eighth so try to get your name on the list by the eighth but I believe the date that this episode airs is after that. So, uh, if you got lucky, maybe I didn’t get it done just in time.

01:09                   Head over there and see if you can secure the founding member price of $9 by getting your name on the list. Uh, if the course is already out, the price jumps to $19 but I still think you’re going to love it. And that’s because of one of the techniques that I’m going to share with you here for free.

01:25                   This is one of the techniques excerpted right from the course and it’s one of my favorite ideas that I think is a game changer for people who like to set goals. And this is perfect timing because we’re approaching the new year’s resolution time.

01:37                   So I know a lot of folks like to set goals around this time, especially as they look forward to the new year. And this is something I want you to take into account as you move into that mindset. So the first thing I will say is, as I mentioned at the top of the episode, is that your success goes up dramatically, almost 50% when you just take the time to write the things down.

02:01                   And that’s a big piece of my course is getting you from start to finish with a complete succinct, crystal clear list of big goals that you will end up with that you can use to benchmark any work that you do going forward. That’s the whole point. And I step you through that process. Well, the first step is to consider the passion angle, right? So you might have an idea about what you’re passionate about and people throw that term around a lot.

02:30                   I’ve actually started to find it to be a little cliche because I’ve watched, I’ve been binge watching episodes of shark tank and people throw that word around a lot and it’s a, it’s unfortunate that it’s becoming cliche because it’s really the right thing to think about. I think a lot of folks set goals and then they try to apply their passions to those goals afterward, and I think that’s a backwards process.

02:52                   So yes, you need to take the time to write the things down, but what are you writing down? The first step that I argue is that you need to start with passion. This would go right along with Simon Sinek, start with why it would go along with lots of other content creators who encourage you to start from this place, but they don’t ever really tell you to do it this deliberately with your goals.

03:15                   I think that before you ever write a single big goal down on paper, you need to take a step back and consider the passion angle first. And it’s important in that case to understand what passion is. And in the context of my course, and this is really what I believe is that passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. It’s something in which you’re truly invested and for which you’ll weather the storm no matter how rough it gets.

03:41                   I think that’s the most important kind of differentiator there, that you will weather the storm no matter how rough it gets, that you will get your butt up out of bed when you’re not feeling it because you have so much intense passion for whatever you’re working on. That’s where your passions are. And the thing that I think a lot of folks miss is that they don’t take the time to really consider what that means, what those passions are.

04:07                   So that’s what I’m advocating that you start with is that you start with that passion area and then from there, draw your goals out, right? You want to route your goals in those passionate, in that passionate soil. You want them to spring forth from your passion rather than saying, Ooh, I have a goal. Let’s see if I can find a passion to plant it in. It doesn’t work that way, right? But we do that a lot.

04:33                   We spend a lot of time trying to say like, Oh, I, I’m doing X, Y, Z thing, and it’s because I think I’m passionate about a no, that’s backwards. You got to consider what you love. What’s intensely desirable for you. That’s where you need to start. And so that’s what I’m encouraging you to do beyond just writing it down. Yes, writing it down certainly increases your odds of success.

04:55                   However, when you know that you’re passionate, you give yourself the, because, right? You can complete the sentence. So for instance, if your goal is to have a big business that you want to run, you can say, I want a thriving business because, and you can answer that in clear, succinct statements.

05:17                   For me, that is one of my big goals. I want a thriving business that supports me, my family, my team, and my lifestyle. Because, and this is the critical part that I think a lot of people miss, that because here is because I’m passionate about comfort. I’m passionate about good, I’m passionate about creativity and entrepreneurship. I can say those things with crystal clear. Succinctness. Laconic — that’s another word that we use in my course. Laconic means with as few necessary words as possible with only the necessary words. That’s what that means.

05:51                   And so I am very succinct about what the passion areas are, especially good. Good for me means doing good in the world and I want to be able to give back in a big way in lots of areas. I want to be able to plan a big surprise for someone in my life. That’s an idea that I stole from Stu McLaren and his fantastic podcast and I want to be able to establish a nonprofit foundation and I want to be able to do good for friends and family and I want to be able to do good for myself in that I really am passionate about comfort and optimization and enjoying life.

06:27                   And so I want to be able to do good. And so, so much comes from those because statements that my business takes full front and center attention. And even when I don’t feel like getting up off my recliner, which was just a few minutes ago from watching shark tank, I got off my butt and sat at the computer and recorded this episode because my passion is driving me forward when I feel like giving up.

06:51                   I remember why I’m doing what I’m doing, what it’s rooted in. And that helps to give me that motivation. So I really encourage you, not only to write your goals down, but to start before you write them down. Start with your passions. What are you, uh, what drives intense desire for you?

07:12                   What are the things you’re truly invested in and what for? What things will you weather the storm, no matter how rough it gets when you identify those, then identify what you want to do with them and grow your, your goals from there. So if you are at all intimidated by this process, right, it can be a lot. And that’s exactly what my course offers. It gives you a step by step 100% handheld guided framework for doing exactly this. This is just the first part that we will work through is getting those passions down on paper or down on computer digitally.

07:48                   You’ll do it a couple of ways and then we will grow it from there into other pieces. So it’s a tremendous system and I definitely have all the pieces recorded. We’re in the editing phase now and so it’s going to be live very soon. So get in on the ground floor. Get in as a founding member for $9 I’m planning to treat my founding members very, very richly. Uh, I’m planning to give you deep, deep discounts on future products.

08:13                   You will always get the lowest prices on things. I’m planning to include you in potentially in small groups so we can have discussions and you’ll have direct access to me for support and and potentially coaching opportunities. And this is going to extend far beyond just the beginning of this course. So if you’re interested in goals in discovering what those passions may be for you and doing it in a really step-by-step guided way, then head to

08:41                   [Music]

08:47                   So I’m doing something a little bit unusual for this episode. The beginning is actually recorded at a different time from the end. So I recorded this episode about a week ago before this was aired and some things have kind of shifted. So I wanted to give you a quick update on where the course is. So I ran into some technical difficulties. All of the content is created and edited and I was about to push it live and I ran into a technical problem with the course provider that I selected. So I had to at the last minute shift gears and move it on over.

09:19                   So I just wanted to give you an update about why the course did not go live on the eighth so I’m really big about deadlines and I consider the deadline met given that I had all the content ready and it was an unforeseen consequence of this particular provider with whom I’m a little disappointed, but that is not a big deal at all.

09:38                   We are just going to keep chugging forward and I don’t know exactly when I think I’m going to be able to put that content live. However, in a couple of days I’m leaving to go out of town and so the timetable is a little bit of a crunch. That’s actually why I picked the eighth as the deadline was because I wanted to have it ready for you by the time I left on a five day trip. And so, uh, I’m kind of in a little bit of a wishy washy spot regardless.

10:01                   I am pushing this thing live very soon. If it’s not this week it will 100% be next week, but I’m going to be hopefully on track to get it live, uh, tomorrow or tomorrow, you know, during the morning or the evening. That said is the place to go to get on the wait list to get that $9 price point for the course.

10:20                   And I definitely think that you will love the content. If you liked basically what we talked about in this episode. It is that times like infinity in the course, it’s that kind of stuff, the goals and all of that, the planning and the passion and and I’m just, you’ll love it. So, easier it will be out within the next week or so. I’m shooting for before I leave on this trip and I will add one other thing. It will not be perfect.

10:45                   You will be part of the founding member group. You will get wonderful discounts down the road. But there will be, it will be a little rough around the edges and that’s to be expected, but the content is all there and it’s excellent. So I definitely look forward to working with you to getting your feedback to being part of this amazing beginning of a journey together. So please head there before you forget about it. Uh, I would go there now if you have the capacity get your name on.

11:12                   [Music]

11:22                   All right. We’ve made it to the end for real of this little episode this time. And I just wanted to take a second to remind you to make sure that your goals are rooted in your passions and dramatically increase the chance that you’ll see success with each and every one of those goals. I’m Anthony Wagner, and in the words of Gretchen Rubin, I hope this makes your week a little easier. Bye for now.

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