How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business w/ Shelbi Moore | Part 2

January 30, 2019 | Episode #27
In this final installment of New Year, New Business, Shelbi Moore and I wrap up our conversation about how to use social media to boost your business!

We’ve reached the end of my New Year, New Business series!

I’m incredibly grateful to all of the guests who have come on the show to share their expertise. Thanks again to LaTasha James, Amanda Freeman, and Shelbi Moore.

And, speaking of Shelbi,  it’s time to wrap up my interview with her about using social media to boost your business

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business (part 2)

Make Work Easier

My guest, Shelbi Moore

Shelbi is an entrepreneur, a social media pro, and a mom. She operates her own social media coaching and strategy business, and she plans travel and events!

On her website,, she says that she has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed. Traveling brings her excitement, events make her giddy, and helping people create lifetime memories makes her heart soar!

She says that, as a social media marketer, she can help bring your vision to life and create a community of loyal followers around your business!

If you’d like to connect with Shelbi, check here:

Shelbi joined me on the show to talk about how to use social media to boost your business!

Be sure to check out part 1!

This is part 2 of our conversation about how to use social media to boost your business!

Listen to part 1 by clicking here!

4. Hashtags

  • Hashtags are how people find your content
  • You have to know who your ideal audience is to craft appropriate hashtags
  • Find hashtags that are related to your audience, content, and business
  • You don’t want to use only hashtags with a ton of engagement.
    • You can show up in the Most Recent feeds for those tags, but…
    • You won’t show up in those feeds for very long, which means little engagement for you.
  • Ideally, use a mix of high, medium, and low engagement tags.
    • Starting out, use mostly low/medium tags
    • As you grow traffic, you can start adding those high tags in

Using the same tags over and over?

  • You can, yes
  • Be careful, though. Constantly using the same tags can cause the algorithm to penalize your content
  • A solution to this is to create hashtag groups in your topic areas and use those on rotation

Hashtag research strategy 1

  • Go to the feeds of each tag
  • Scroll down a couple of times and see if your posts appear in the feed
  • In the feeds, do you see:
    • Competitors there?
    • Ideal clients there?
  • If no to those questions, select a new tag

Hashtag research strategy 2

  • Go to the feed of a top tag
  • Then, start looking through the related tags
  • Can keep repeating this to niche down
  • Start looking for tags that have less posts themselves
  • Also, look at the top posts and see how much engagement (likes / comments) they have

5. Instagram Bio

  • Optimize your bio for your ideal clients
  • Include these:
    • Who you are
    • Who you serve
    • What your audience can learn
    • A big piece of value you can offer (a freebie, optin, blog post, etc.)
  • Your name and username are both searchable on Instagram
    • In the name field, Shelbi puts what she does, instead of her name
    • This adds another keyword through which folks can find your folks

6. A Few More Words of Wisdom

  • Your follower count does not pay your bills
  • Create a strategy that delivers constant followers
  • The goal is then to convert those followers into paying customers / clients

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