More on Living With Purpose: 5 Simple Strategies to Try

March 20, 2019 | Episode #34
We're diving back into living with purpose: We'll cover 5 simple strategies for living with purpose that you can try today. Also, a purposeful laptop hack.

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More on Living With Purpose

Make Life Easier

1. Determine Values

  • This is the most important step! Be sure to do the values exercise from episode 33
  • From my own exercise, here are my values:

  • By doing this exercise, I learned that hosting this podcast touches on all five of my values!

2. Connect Goals to Values

  • In a single document, write out your values and goals
  • Then, for each goal, list the values to which it’s connected
  • Here, you can see some of my personal aspirations. Underneath each (in italics) are the related values.

  • Ideally, you’ll have have at least at least one goal for each value

3. Schedule Weekly Review

  • It’s important to get this set up, but it’s equally important to review it regularly
  • Goals and values shift over time, so it’s only useful if you keep up with it
  • The best way I’ve found to do that is to schedule a weekly review. Check out episode 32 for a detailed discussion of this!
  • During your review, it’s also a good idea to update your goals with progress

4. Time-block Your Day

  • It’s also really useful to time-block your days
  • This helps ensure that you’re spending time on the things that matter to you

Day planner

If you’d like a simple tool for planning out your day, grab my free day planner!

Click here to get the day planner

5. Schedule Daily Decompression Time

  • Finally, aim to spend some time decompressing each day
  • I’m going to try to incorporate meditation back into my day by scheduling time at work
  • I talked about planning your day back in episode 28

Use Focus Assist / Do Not Disturb

Make Work Easier

Make use of your computer’s Do Not Disturb function to prevent distractions from notifications.

Here’s how for Windows and Mac:


I know that this works for Windows 10, and maybe for Windows 8

  1. In the task bar, click the notification pane button

  2. Click expand (if it’s not already)

  3. Click Focus Assist to enable

I use Priority Only mode. This shows only notifications I need to see and suppresses the rest!


Mac supported Do Not Disturb at least back to Yosemite

  • On your keyboard, press and hold Option
  • While holding the Option key, click the notification icon

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